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Pick-N-Pull Auto Part Yard Pricing

RETURN POLICY:   All parts come with a 30-day warranty unless otherwise specified. This gives you, the customer, sufficient time to test the part and confirm it’s exactly what you need. Parts purchased from any of our Carolina Pick-N-Pull locations, can be returned to any of our three existing stores Cape Fear Pick-N-Pull, Grand Strand Pick-N-Pull, Sandhills Pick-N-Pull; **restrictions apply.

However, in order to issue a return, you must have a **valid receipt dated 30 days or less and the part must be marked with our unique paint. When you check-out make sure a Carolina Pick-N-Pull employee marks & initials your part at the time of purchase. **Photocopies, text messages, pictures of receipts are not accepted.

The part(s) must be in the same condition as when it was purchased. It is agreed that the sole determiner of condition is Seller. The Seller, at his/her discretion, has the right to refuse any merchandise where the Seller believes the condition has changed in any form since the date of sale.

Core charges may be refunded if the core is returned to the store where purchased within 30 days and is accompanied by the original dated receipt.  Photocopies, text messages, pictures of receipts are not accepted.

This 30-day warranty is void without the original dated receipt and without the proper paint markings on the part.

The Environmental Fee is non-refundable.


USED TIRES: We have visually inspected the used tires for noticeable signs of damage or defects only. The buyer further acknowledges that any defects or deficiencies in a used tire may not be apparent or discoverable. By purchasing the “as is” used tire(s) from Carolina Pick-N-Pull, you agree to have the used tire(s) further inspected and installed by a professional tire installer/shop.  

If the tires have not been driven on, tires may be exchanged for replacement tires only (a monetary refund will not be given) within three (3) days from the date of purchase with the original dated receipt.

This three (3) day exchange is void without the original dated receipt and without the proper paint markings on the tire(s). 

The Environmental Fee is non-refundable.



All air bags are sold ‘as – is’. There is no warranty or exchange on this component. The Buyer assumes all responsibility to see a qualified auto technician to repair, replace, or install the air bag. This item is final sale.

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